Instrumental diagnostics

CPM Condyle-Position-Measurement

The CPM (Condyle-Position-Measurement) device measures and exemplifies the displacement of the mandibles hinge-axis due to occlusal influences and different mandible positions.

The classical measurement is carried out between mandibular position and reference position compared with maximum intercuspation.

The device generates important data in dental functional diagnostics to evaluate statistical occlusion. But this data also is very important for follow-up checks respectively quality control.



Exchangeable parts of condylar elements to convert the Reference SL articulator into a CPM.  Measurements are performed directly at articulator. It is not necessary to buy a special device.


In combination with the CADIAX compact system an electronic-mechanical solution of the Condyle-Position-Measurement. Direct electronic upload of the data in the Windows PC and data print-out in clearly arranged form.

There is also an upgrade device for CADIAX® compact 2 for electronic measurement of condylar positions available.




Independent mechanical CPM as stand-alone system without the need for electronics or articulator.

This device enables a metrical measurement comparing different lower jaw positions and the resulting effect on the jaw joint.
For diagnostic purposes and to guarantee the quality of the prosthetic reconstructions the support function of the posterior occlusion in ICP can be checked in relation to a centric reference position (RP) of the mandible.


The CPV (Condylar-Position-Variator)  enables exact metric positioning of the condyle position in three spatial directions, e.g., for setting a therapeutic mandible position, for making splints, or for a diagnostic set-up in orthodontics.

Ideal for application in combination with the CADIAX® jaw tracking system. A joint position determined by CADIAX® can be set directly in the unit!

The calibration key is necessary for determining the centric zero position.

Occlusal plane measuring unit

This additional part which can be installed in the Reference articulator allows the measurement and adjustment of the individual occlusal plane in degrees.

The device is used in instrumental diagnostics and wax-up.

Anterior tooth shaper

A container for hard-silicone, aligned relative to the reference plane, to take front tooth impressions in the articulator.

The hard putty can be cut into sections and the palatal surfaces can be measured from the profile. These values serve for evaluating the relation between anterior tooth guidance-joint guidance-occlusal plane in functional diagnostics, as well as for the articulator programming in reconstruction and additionally for checking the tooth position and functional surface in orthodontics.

It is the ideal supplement to the CADIAS cephalometric program in Gamma Dental Software®.

Curve of Spee Analyzer

7 transparent templates with integrated curve radius in steps of 5 mm from R60-R90. With the help of those parts it is possible to measure or reconstruct the curve of Spee.


Evaluation of grinding patterns during sleep bruxism. Extremely thin thermoforming film to register and classify bruxism by abrasion of the foil colour (according to Prof. Sato).

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